weekend recap

On friday the installer from Syptec came and went. The condo still doesn’t have a connection. He got up on the roof and some trees were blocking a view of the antenna. It was very disappointing. The last option I know of is Sisna and I’ve already signed up for a site evaluation.

I found a list of deleted domains and searched through all of them, picking out ones I thought could be valuable. I checked them on Yahoo’s domain site to make sure they were still available. When I tried to purchase them on www.GoDaddy.com (the cheapest registrar I’ve been able to find – $8.95/year) it said they weren’t available. I returned to Yahoo to order them since it said they were still available but their second check said they were taken. Why in the heck didn’t they do a second check on the first check? It would have saved me a lot of time.

While searching for deleted domains whois.net was pretty useful, along with deleteddomains.com. Even with all these sites to help you, it’s hard to find a good domain name these days.

I know how annoying it can be to have noisy neighbors in an apartment but just because someone laughs too loud isn’t grounds for kicking them out. How loud could he really laugh? I know people that live next to train tracks and they’ve gotten used to that after a few weeks. I can’t imagine he was laughing louder than a train. The other question I have: What was so funny?

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