wireless wonder

I’ve been trying to pay a wireless ISP upwards of $300 to install an antenna, agreed to pay $40-$50 a month and yet I remain without an internet connection. You’d think that a company would take me up on my offer and let me have it, but no, I have to wait around for them to do a site evaluation to see if I’m good enough for wireless. I have already been rejected once: “No, you don’t deserve a wireless connection, you don’t have line of sight to our antenna.”

The next provider told me I had to be put in their precious queue and I have yet to hear from them. I got an add in the mail yesterday for another service and I called them today, only to get the voice mail. I left a message with my number and asked them to call me back. So far, nothing.

There is still hope though. A friend of mine at work has some friends that started up a wireless ISP and it looks like there is coverage in my area. It doesn’t require line of site, so that will be nice if everything else works. The only catch is that they have to have 50 customers within a certain area in order to warrant setting up their service. The guy said that it will probably be a few weeks until that happens in my area. Here’s to hoping. Only a few more weeks of late nights at work to do anything online.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, the beta release of Opera for Linux was rather disappointing. I haven’t found anything different yet, except for the fact that it crashes more often. Now I have to wait for beta 2 or if I’m lucky a final release that takes care of the stability problems.

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