victory at last

Aha! I have figured out a better solution to my comment archiving. I’m probably spending a lot of time on something that wasn’t really that important to anyone but me, but at least I’m happy :) I now have the comments already going into the archive, so on the front page it just reads the three most recent posts to this month’s archive. All I have to do to keep the archive up-to-date is add a link to the new month.

I thought about automating that as well, and I could do it quite easily but that would require checking all the directories and reading them every time someone goes to that page. I think it’s better to have static links to it so I don’t load the server unnecessarily.

The Justice Department’s case against Microsoft continues to churn out news headlines. Apparently it was required by law to have a comment period to assess public interest in the case. My favorite line from the article is as follows:

“The Justice Department said Thursday that only about 10 percent of the [30,000] public comments it has received by e-mail about the Microsoft antitrust settlement were substantive, while others ranged from form letters to pornography.”

It said that 7,000 were dismissed as opinion, such as “I hate Microsoft”. If 7,000 people are feeling strongly enough about something to express their opinion, I think that says something about public interest.

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