cookies and browsers

I finally took the time to figure out how to use cookies for the themes available on my site. It works much better than adding a variable to all the links on the entire site. Cookies are actually quite easy to use and after a bit of experimenting they seem to be working quite nicely. Please let me know if you disagree.

I run Linux on my desktop at work and at home so finding a good browser has been rather important to me. I settled on Opera about 6 months ago and I remain loyal to it, despite the fact that it occasionally has its problems. It is fast, sticks to the standards and has mouse gestures which I find surprisingly useful. The fact that it is only a technology preview makes the problems it has acceptable, but I check almost every day in anticipation of a final release of 6.0 for Linux. I also use Netscape 4.77 and recently I’ve been using Mozilla 0.9.8 a lot more. The combination is quite satisfactory for 90% of my web browsing. There are some sites however that insist on using IE-specific features or Windows only plugins. Do they really expect me to change the operating system I use just to view their site? I guess since I’m not in the majority they don’t really care if I don’t use their site or not. To them I say, phooey.

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