I felt something sticking to my cheek a few days ago and after a bit of probing I discovered a small hole in my rear lower molar. It didn’t hurt, and I surmised that a filling had fallen out. I set up an appointment with the dentist and wouldn’t you know it, the day I went in I couldn’t find the hole no matter how hard I searched. I felt all around the tooth and it was as solid as could be. Neither the dental assistant nor the dentist could find it, but since I was already there, they offered to polish my teeth and send me on my delusioned way.

I knew I’d felt a hole on two different occasions, and it was very frustrating because I couldn’t figure out what had happened to it. I consented to the polishing and as he was working, he discovered the hole. It turned out it was located on the bottom molar, not the top. I was glad to learn I wasn’t going crazy, but I felt foolish for not having checked the lower molars during my search. He put in a new filling and thankfully didn’t even have to use novocaine, which was nice. On the bright side, I not only got my filling replaced, I got a free cleaning too.


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  1. At least it was free :)

    Comment by Tammie on August 21, 2002 @ 4:54 pm

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