no more airline questions

If you’ve ever flown commercially in the past 16 years, you had to answer two questions about your luggage before receiving your boarding pass. Starting today, they are no longer required. I wholeheartedly agree with David Stempler, president of the Air Travelers Association who simply stated, “It’s about time.”


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  1. I’ve never been on a plane yet,but that is a good thing that they finally going to stop doing that.I can’t believe how long they had to ask thoughs two

    Comment by Tammie on August 29, 2002 @ 10:59 am
  2. I wasn’t particularly bothered by those two questions, but any streamlining of the boarding process will help. I don’t really think they did any good, but I don’t think many of the security measures in airports do. Maybe in 20 years they’ll get rid of another silly procedure.

    Comment by Levi on August 29, 2002 @ 5:46 pm
  3. How long would it take me to get from Lexington Ky. to Portland Or. on a flight?

    Comment by Dusty St,John on February 17, 2003 @ 12:09 pm
  4. About three hours and 45 minutes, but my point was that there wouldn’t be any more airline questions.

    Comment by dan on February 17, 2003 @ 1:05 pm
  5. How many bags may I take with me?? I am taking a garment bag an one suitcase and then I am going to take a carry on with wills is this to much ? May I also take a purse with the carry on?

    Comment by Anonymous on April 8, 2003 @ 10:35 am
  6. Most airlines that I know of let you check two bags and allow one carry-on with a laptop or purse. You can usually hang garment bags in a closet by the entrance of the plane.

    Comment by dan on April 8, 2003 @ 2:17 pm
  7. can i take my longboard skateboard with me on the airplane or should i check it?

    Comment by kassie on July 11, 2004 @ 2:59 pm

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