beauty and the beast

I just got back from a great performance of Beauty and the Beast at the Capitol Theatre in Salt Lake. The pyrotechnics were an unexpected addition to a stellar production. I was very impressed with the professional quality of the show. Was it worth $55? Maybe. Since it was a new experience, I guess it was worth it. I’m glad I was able to see a broadway show, but I don’t plan on doing it regularly.


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  1. Oh wow,I bet that was awesome !! If I ever go there,I’ll have to take my girls to see it :)

    Comment by Tammie on August 8, 2002 @ 4:13 am
  2. The first time I saw B+B on Broadway, it cost me $10. I stood for the first half and had 1st-row seats for the second. Beauty would be looking right at me as she sang — that was pretty cool. The second time I saw it cost me $20 and I just got to sit in the back.

    Comment by Cameron on August 8, 2002 @ 2:16 pm
  3. I wonder why it’s so expensive here if it was only $10 on Broadway?

    I forgot to mention that I also sat in the very front row. I was so close I could have kissed Belle (assuming I could figure out a way to reach over that pesky orchestra pit). That’s also assuming I could force Belle to kiss me, but hey, Gaston did it, why not me?

    Comment by dan on August 8, 2002 @ 3:20 pm
  4. The tickets were expensive because they were the good seats. I believe the cheaper ones still go for $20 or so. I don’t think I’ll miss the extra $35 that much, I’m glad I got a good seat.

    Comment by Levi on August 9, 2002 @ 2:10 am

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