top 100 speeches

American Rhetoric has compiled a list of the top 100 speeches, and most include links to audio and transcribed versions.

The #1 one speech is Martin Luther King Jr’s I Have a Dream, which deserves its position, but one of my favorites is number 8, Ronald Reagan’s Space Shuttle “Challenger” Tragedy Address.

There are several in the top 25 that I’m not familiar with. Maybe I should have listened more in history class.

(via kottke’s links)


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  1. I can’t believe Stephen Urich’s “Why I’ll Be The Best 5th Grade Class President Ever” speach. It was a classic :-)

    Comment by Stephen Urich on November 8, 2004 @ 10:17 pm
  2. Top 100 Speeches
    For some good reading, check out the list of “Top 100 Speeches” on Wish I had more time to comment on it. Thanks to Dan for pointing out the link….

    Trackback by A Day Late on November 11, 2004 @ 3:15 pm

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