a bar of gold brain teaser

I signed up a few weeks ago for the daily brain teaser at Braingle, and today’s brain teaser is one I’ve heard before, but I couldn’t recall the answer. If you like a little brain workout, try to figure it out.

A worker is to perform work for you for seven straight days. In return for his work, you will pay him 1/7th of a bar of gold per day. The worker requires a daily payment of 1/7th of the bar of gold. What and where are the fewest number of cuts to the bar of gold that will allow you to pay him 1/7th each day?

They give you a hint and once you think you’ve figured it out, you can check the answer.


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  1. 2 cuts, breaking the whole bar into three pieces: 1-seventh, 2-sevenths, and 4-sevenths.

    You cannot do it with fewer cuts.

    Comment by alex on June 10, 2011 @ 10:15 am

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