singles, punctuation and cars

Forbes’ best cities for singlesSalt Lake ranked #24 out of 40. No wonder I’m not having much success dating. I could move back home and be close to the #1 ranked city. I also liked my stay in Chicago and it’s ranked #15. I wonder…

The philosphy of punctuation – It’s nice to see that I’m not the only one that is concerned about the use of proper punctuation. After reading the article and the accompanying comments on Metafilter, I think I need to get the Strunk and White book. (via Mefi).

I got an email from someone that wants to use the pictures of my 300ZX for a piece of software that compares cars. In return, I asked him to use the software to determine which would win between my Z, a 1999 Mustang GT V8 and a 1995 TSi AWD Eagle Talon. Those just happen to be the cars that two of my coworkers have owned. The results were quite pleasing. 0-60 times were 5.0s (Z), 5.5s (Mustang) and a sluggish 6.3 (Talon). The quarter-mile race showed 13.7 @ 102mph (Z), 14.2 @ 98mph (Mustang) and a paltry 15.1 @ 87.9mph(Talon). Bragging rights are now official.

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