blogging from home

I’m currently typing on a Sony laptop that is about 6 inches wide and 10 inches long. It’s connected to the DirectPC satellite that we had installed and besides the latency, it’s working rather well. I still have to pick up a wireless card for my desktop machine because this laptop makes it rather difficult to type. I’m hoping that this solution will at least get us through the famine of high-speed access until we can get something cheaper and faster.

We’ve been throwing around the idea (if DirecPC doesn’t work out) of getting a fractional T1 and setting up a wireless network that other people within the complex could pay us for. We could also offer web hosting services to cover costs. It would mean a lot more work and headaches on our part, but as long as we didn’t oversell it, we would have a fast connection and maybe even be make a little money with it.

An interview with Derek Powazek – He’s made a lot of interesting points in the past and this interview is no exception. I find reading his material very thought-provoking. It’s always good to hear the different sides of an issue because they help broaden expand your mind and thought process. That is a very valuable benefit indeed.

I think I’d like to read some of the books that have been written about web logs and blogging. The question is, what blog should I give my business to? I’d like to give it to someone that doesn’t get a whole lot of traffic so they appreciate it more but I don’t know who. It’s a tough decision.

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