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All blogs should have an about page so new readers can figure out who the person behing the blog is. Entries are not very meaningful until I know a little bit about the person writing them. I would read the entry of a 14-year-old blogging about what it’s like to be married very differently as compared to the entry of an 80 year-old person (if there are any 80 year-olds even blogging.) I hereby make a formal request to bloggers everywhere who don’t have an about page to forego their next entry and write an about page instead.

I’m now the editor of three blog-related cats at dmoz.org: Directories, Collaborative and Cliques. I’ve finally organized the sites into sensible categories. I’m thinking there might be a need for a meta category, especially after hearing about blogtoday and blogaboutblogs (via evhead).

The issue of how to define spam was sure to come up when the government began creating legislation to stop it. It is a necessary step in ridding ourselves of the worthless emails that fill our inboxes daily.

Guide to flirting – I have never been a very good flirter. In fact, I could probably give lessons to geeks far and wide on how not to flirt. I find it annoying to have to play the game of flirting and I often choose to stand on the sidelines during most flirtatious encounters. This of course explains why I remain single. (via mefi)

I finally finished writing about the DirectPC installation but I’m currently using Windows because I haven’t had time to install Debian on my machine yet. I feel handicapped by not having access to scp, ispell, a few perl scripts I wrote to make blogging easier and most of all, vim. Notepad just doesn’t cut it. I’ve emailed the article to myself at work and tomorrow I’ll run ispell, format it nicely in vim and scp it up to the server. After having used Windows for the past two days, I am really looking forward to getting Linux running again. People that don’t know of anything other than Windows don’t know what they’re missing.

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