How fast does your site load?

Techrunch wrote about their abysmal load times based on Royal Pingdom’s analysis of the top 100 blogs.

I grew interested in how fast my site loaded. Here are some tools I found to measure and analyze load times.

Pingdom’s Full Site Test

Web Page Speed Test – Provides recommendations to improve site loading time.

OctaGate Site Timer – Pingdom’s tool was inspired by this

Webslug – Compare the load time of two pages.

Webwait – Simple speed test

LinkVendor – Speed test with some data about external files.

To get even more detailed information you can install Firebug, a Firefox extension that’s extremely helpful for web development, but also has load time information. YSlow from Yahoo is an add-on that requires Firebug, but gives you a letter grade for the load time of a site. It also has suggestions on how to improve page load times.

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