Statistics about the internet in the US

CNN compiled some interesting facts about the growth of the internet in the US and its adoption by different age groups.

The growth has been phenomenal. In June 1995 only 14% of adults were online and in June 2004 it was up to 66%. Internet use is about even between men and women now (66% and 65% respectively) and of those with salaries over $75K, 92% use the internet.

The number one activity on the internet is sending e-mail. The fifth activity is checking the weather. I assume that means checking weather forecasts, because if you want to check the current weather, looking out the window is a far more reliable approach.

The top 10 internet searches are dominated by female celebrities (taking the top 4 spots, as well as number 7.

The top web sites aren’t too surprising, although I wouldn’t have guessed their order.

It’s amazing to think of how much the internet has changed our lives. Twenty years ago most people in the US had never heard of the internet and now most of them are using it.

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