How fast is your internet connection?

Many people want to know how fast their internet connection is. I’m here to help. Here are the best sites I know of with screenshots of the results and my commentary on each one. – Flash interface. You pick the server to use. Tests up and down. Very accurate. You feel like a race car driver revving up the engine. – Java applet, wide speed range, fairly accurate, tests up and down.

Cox – Similar to visual ware except it has a smaller range (not that most of us need that it to go to 274Mbps, but we can dream)

Verizon – Colorful, but not very accurate. I got 3 very different results each time I reloaded, and sometimes it was slower, so it wasn’t due to caching. – Not very accurate, simple interface, compares you to others in your area. – Simple interface, wasn’t all that accurate. Comparisons to others in your region.

PCPitstop – Results are buried in text. Not much of an interface, but it just downloads a big image so it will work in virtually any browser.

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