long awkward pose

We had owned a digital camera for a while before we learned that it could take movies. It came as a surprise because it was a very simple beast and it didn’t have many other features. Once I discovered that it could take short, silent movies, I took a few just to test it out.

A few days later…

We were visiting family in San Francisco and wanted to have our picture taken on the beach. We tried to snap a few photos, but it wouldn’t take any. I then realized that I had left the camera in video mode by accident.

There is an entire web site devoted to this “accident” (although in these cases it’s no accident). They call it the Long Awkward Pose. The clips are actually pretty funny, although I feel kind of bad for some of them, like the guy that keeps saying cheese while holding his squirming son. It’s all in good fun though, and provides some humorous entertainment.

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