a normal michael jackson

I wonder if Michael Jackson regrets all of his plastic surgery. That makes me wonder what he would have looked like at age 45 without it.

Based on age progression, this is what he may have looked like, compared to what he looks like now.

Which one would you vote for?


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  1. Well, the age-progression shot certainly looks more like a human being. His real appearance continues to look more and more like a particularly bad Star Trek alien. I must say, the new look suits the ‘washed up superstar’ image better than the age-progression. It’s hard to match the crotch-grabbing ‘Oooooooh!’ of Michael with the age-progression picture.

    Comment by Levi on April 16, 2004 @ 1:17 am
  2. Oh my. I don’t know what I was expecting from the age progression picture, but that certainly wasn’t it. I think I expected him to look at least a little like he does now. I mean, he looks so normal in the age progression pic. And *normal* is not a word I usually associate with Michael Jackson.

    It really is startling how much cosmetic surgery he must have gone through to look like he does now. I thought it was just the nose, but it must have been much, much more than that.

    Comment by Jan on April 16, 2004 @ 5:54 am
  3. You got that right, Jan. I don’t even think that’s his skull under the pasty white skin. Maybe that’s what happened to Jimmy Haffa’s body.

    Comment by jason on April 16, 2004 @ 8:12 am
  4. There’s also the ever popular ape comparison.

    Comment by mckay on April 16, 2004 @ 9:15 am
  5. I vote for the normal picture. Even if he would have stopped in ’83, that would have been fine. I remember having his poster on my wall back then. He was a good looking, hip guy. Now, he’s utterly messed up. Then again, he probably was well on his way to that back then, it just wasn’t so readily apparent.

    Comment by Renee on April 16, 2004 @ 9:22 am
  6. Well let’s see, we can either shat upon plastic surgery or put our stock in the hands of age progression engineers. Why did Mikey stop using the scarf, hat glasses look? For those who do not have enough in their accoutrement budget why not try a paper bag.

    Comment by amy on April 16, 2004 @ 11:26 am
  7. Amy, the only thing worse than profanity in a forum where it’s unwelcome is gramatically-mangled profanity in a forum where it’s unwelcome. You really want a present-tense verb there, not a past-tense one.

    Comment by Levi on April 16, 2004 @ 11:40 am
  8. Gee Levi, I knew exactly what to said to you. Stay on Topic.

    Comment by amy on April 16, 2004 @ 12:00 pm
  9. Grammar aside, I’m just impressed with the use of the word ‘shat’, I had to look it up. And ‘accoutrement’, what the hell is that? The dictionary says it’s military equipment. I was in the Navy and I’m pretty sure I never used that word. I probably would have kicked my own ass if I had used that word.
    But Amy’s one of them smart folk, so I’m ‘sposen it’s ok.

    Comment by jason on April 16, 2004 @ 12:06 pm
  10. Thank you jason, loquaciousness is a passion, and, I am glad you have found the medium of e-post so as you don’t have to put your teeth in to converse with smart folk. I apologize in advance should anyone check the group slam from yesterday. Bite is worse than my bark.

    What more can Mikey do? It is obvious that it is not a fixable situation he has gotten himself into. He seems to be deteriorating. Let’s build a time machine and stop him not only from going under the knife but also from making thriller.

    Comment by amy on April 16, 2004 @ 12:17 pm
  11. “For those who do not have enough in their accoutrement budget why not try a paper bag.” Hmmm. So I guess we can translate that, “For those who do not have enough in their military equipment budget: why not try a paper bag?” What? How does that relate to plastic surgery or Michael Jackson?

    Oh, this is hilarious: as I was sitting here laughing at the comments and writing the above, a friend wanted to know what I was laughing at. He read the comments and said that “accoutrement” is also used widely as a nice, polite, public way of saying “bondage equipment.” Heh. I didn’t ask him what he meant by that or how he knew.

    Anyway, I still have no idea how that relates to plastic surgery or to Michael Jackson. Stay on topic, indeed.

    I’m thinking that Jason’s “smart folk” remark was sarcastic. I’m surprised that such a member of the “smart folk” would miss it.

    Comment by Jan on April 16, 2004 @ 12:24 pm
  12. Hey, Thriller was cool, though. In a freaky 80s sort of way, that is. And he still looked human back then, too.

    “I knew exactly what to said to you.”
    That makes my brain hurt. But, to address the point that you seemed to be making earlier, I don’t think plastic surgery is evil or anything. I just think it’s often abused by people who have self-image issues, when they really need a completely different kind of help. Besides, drastic changes are likely to have unintended consequences, such as Michael’s current face and his near lack of nose.

    Comment by Levi on April 16, 2004 @ 12:29 pm
  13. I agree that Michael has gotten himself into a mess, but I happen to like Thriller, and I’m not alone. It is the #2 bestselling album of all time and he’s #15 on the bestselling artists list.

    He may look like a freak, but his music was incredibly popular.

    Comment by dan on April 16, 2004 @ 12:33 pm
  14. Oh, and after seeing the above comments: “Accoutrements” is just a relatively uncommon word for “accessories”. It works for military accessories, fashion accessories, and indeed sex toys. I guess it depends on what context you learned it in.

    Comment by Levi on April 16, 2004 @ 12:35 pm
  15. In the end it’s up to the individual adult whether to go under the knife, I really couldn’t give a damn. I just don’t like how the media portrays it as something that you’ve just got to do because, “everyone’s doing it”. It’s a crock. If you’ve got a cleft lip and want it corrected, knock yourself out. If I had a nose like a Muppets character, I’d be the first in line for rhinoplasty.
    Now, if you’ll pardon me, I’ve gotta go look into this clanker augmentation thing. You cut me Amy, ya cut me real deep. sigh…

    Comment by jason on April 16, 2004 @ 1:09 pm
  16. Jason, I hear they do that in Brazil. I guess I’ll see you there when I get my thighs lengthened.

    Comment by Jan on April 16, 2004 @ 9:58 pm
  17. Lol :) I’ve never seen that before. I would definately go for the natural version. He looks like a total freak now.

    Comment by Sweety on April 17, 2004 @ 4:32 am
  18. I like the manufactured Michael and I am hope they go even further with it. How cool would it be if in real life he actually had those glowing eyes from the Thriller video? It would be way cool! Oh and gills would be an interesting addition. Or antlers. Or maybe half his face would look like it does now and half would look like old michael. Oh yes, that would be a most freaky-deaky look. That is my favorite of them all. Hmm what if he had neon green skin? Or fangs.

    Now I am thinking how fun it would be to design a face. I wonder if they would let me be one of the surgeons on extreme makover – the things I could do. It would be like an artists dream come true. Sure the patient may not be happy with the extreme results, but they call the show Extreme Makeover, not Extremely Good Makeover. I suppose I need to get a potato head before I do anything drastic.

    Comment by Steve on April 18, 2004 @ 11:09 pm
  19. The “aged” image does not look believable to me. I mean, the face is believable but I don’t think MJ would ever have had a haircut like that!

    Comment by Mike on May 7, 2004 @ 1:21 pm
  20. I vote for what he looks like now…i mean the age progression picture is just not Michael Jackson…whatever MJ’s hot no matter what plastic surgery he gets…FREE MICHAEL!!

    Comment by Mariah L on November 7, 2004 @ 10:50 pm
  21. If you think he’s hot, you may also be interested in taking a gander at the monkeys at your local zoo. They look quite similar.

    Comment by dan on November 8, 2004 @ 9:35 am
  22. u people r being race JUST LEAVE HIM ALONE!!! u probly have problums 2. ill kick ur a– if u make fun of mykel again i swear i willl pricks. he looks normal now wat about angelina jolean has man hands, shekira has a spear tire and cameran diaz has stuby fingers so y do u only pick on michael!!! p.s if u noe wut michael jacksons e mail is e mail it 2 meh my e mail is [email protected] WE SUPPORT THE KING.

    Comment by mykel on November 16, 2004 @ 4:29 pm
  23. mykel: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

    Thanks for the laugh.

    I’m sure his e-mail address is: [email protected]

    Comment by dan on November 16, 2004 @ 4:33 pm
  24. i think mj looked pretty cool with some of his surgeries. i mean through each album he whent through a phase and he matched his look to that phase. no other artist has done that before and that also shows hes dedication towards his music. umm i do wish he still looked as he did in his thriller or bad era but thank god he had some plastic surgery because i wouldn’t wanna see that guy in the “normal”age progression picture doing a moonwalk. The guy looks like some average joe and people wouldn’t wanna see him do the stuff michael jackson has done. There would be no appeal whatsoever if there wasn’t the ever changing image of michael jackson. I’m not saying his work wouldn’t be able to hold up his career if he didn’t have surgery but he wouldn’t have had the same effect on people. Hes the king. MJ does what he wants to do, hes earned that position and so unless you can surpass him don’t talk down to him.

    Comment by Anonymous on March 11, 2006 @ 8:55 pm
  25. He wouldn’t look like that. His cheeks would look more like they do now, because if u look carefully at the younger pictures they were already starting to. He could never be that chubby with all the dancing he does. and he would be white still because of his skin condition. I wish his nose was that way since I love big noses. His lips wouldn’t be that big and his forehead wouldn’t be shaped that way… plus he would never do his hair like that 8-P

    Comment by Elley on April 6, 2006 @ 7:06 pm

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