cloning is now a reality

1. Go to Google and search for cloning.

2. Click on the top sponsored link with the title, “Cloning Is Now A Reality – The Godsend Institute Can Create Life From Life Via Cloning, Today! (make sure you have flash enabled in your browser)

3. Read through the site, finding quotes like:

All of the standard arguments against cloning are irrelevant when applied to what we do at the Godsend Institute. We restore a life to families that have lost one. We make whole that which was broken. We bring happiness to those who have known only grief. How can anyone find fault in that? How can anyone take issue with the work that we do?

Now, at Godsend, we have pioneered a technique that allows a cell nucleus from a recently deceased child to be implanted within a human egg, allowing a mother to carry that child to term again. In theory, this new child would be identical to its predecessor in every way. By creating life from life, Dr. Wells and his crack team give nature a gentle push, and help to rebuild shattered families.

4. Read testimonies such as:

Our son’s name was Michael and when he died he was five years old. I was heartbroken of course, but my wife was absolutely devastated. She had been told that she was unable to have children and when Michael was born, she had taken it as a sign from God. When he died, my wife’s faith died with him. Then we heard about Dr. Wells and Godsend. It’s been three years since he gave Michael back to us and all I can say is that if there is a God, his name is Dr. Richard Wells.

If more people were like Dr. Wells, there would be no need for war or religious intolerance or preemptive anything. This world needs love and here is someone whose entire life is dedicated to creating more of it. What a wonderful man! I can’t praise him enough. If you’ve lost a child, you owe it to yourself to at least call. Hear what they have to say. You won’t be sorry.

5. Go to the links page and read text in the left sidebar, especially:

Unfortunately, this also leads to fringe groups like the Raelians attracting publicity they don’t deserve, because the media and the general public simply do not know enough about this emerging science to realize a hoax when they see one.

6. Look at where the link on the word “hoax” goes.

7. Did you believe it was real?


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  1. Here’s an article discussing the movie, the web site, and the ethical debate it has caused.

    Comment by dan on April 20, 2004 @ 12:05 am
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  3. Heh…looks like the jig is up — news sources are covering it now, and the top sponsored link is no longer the one you referenced.

    Good catch.

    Comment by david on April 27, 2004 @ 9:11 pm

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