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There’s a new blog directory (at least this is the first time I remember hearing about it) called Blogwise, listing blogs by country and keywords. It also displays random and top blogs.

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  1. Thanks, I just finished registering ahoyhoy, and found yours on the index.

    Comment by jason on May 25, 2003 @ 1:10 pm
  2. After looking at the top blogs listed a couple of times now I suddenly realized what I need to do in order get more publicity – turn it into a porn-blog. There is one called “Nympho’s naughty something something” that has been in the top 10 every time I’ve checked the list. I should start posting nudy pictures of myself. Yes, that’s it. Brilliant!

    Comment by jason on May 27, 2003 @ 7:27 pm
  3. Uh, I think you might alienate your current readership with that particular strategy, Jason. I, for one, have no desire to see nudie pics of you! If you’re set on nudie pics, take them of your plants.

    Comment by Levi on May 28, 2003 @ 8:22 am
  4. EEEEEWWWWW! Jason, that is SO wrong. All those church women looking for gardening advice aren’t prepared for a garden of eden with a non-fig leafed gardener!

    Comment by Renee on May 28, 2003 @ 8:41 am
  5. You’ll get no visits from me, that’s for sure.

    Comment by dan on May 28, 2003 @ 9:19 am
  6. Jason, you’re so naughty. What else are you going to put on there?

    On second thought… I don’t want to know.

    Comment by Mel on May 29, 2003 @ 7:56 am
  7. You’re all just mad because I thought of it first. Well, second actually, the first one was the naughty nympho blog person. Yes, I’ll be the first site on the internet to include nude pictures. I’m a true revolutionary.

    Comment by jason on May 29, 2003 @ 7:20 pm

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