Friendly Neighborhood Reminder To Optimize Your Images

My daughter is a big fan of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood and today I was curious who the voice actor was. I found the answer on Angela’s Clues (an 11-year-old named Jake Beale). I also found some pages loading really slowly.

I clicked my Google Pagespeed bookmarklet on the projects page and it got the lowest score I’ve ever seen.

12 out of 100 on Google Pagespeed

The #1 suggestion was to optimize images, claiming the images could be reduced by a stunning 3.8 MB. Sure enough, I tried optimizing one of the files. It started at 765 KB and after PNGGauntlet finished, the image was a mere 106 KB, 14% of its former size.

And there’s even better news if you use WordPress. Instead of optimizing images manually, install the EWWW Image Optimizer and it will not only optimize images you upload, but it can also optimize all of the images you already have on your site.

Speedy delivery isn’t just for the mail. Make Mr. McFeely proud.

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