New Ways to Get Your Daily News

We all like to keep informed and we all know about the standard news sites. But there’s more out there. Here are some non-standard news sites that provide new ways of viewing the news or allow you to customize it to your preferences. There’s even a site that makes a game out of reading the news.

WikiNews – The news you can help write

Guerrilla News – Independent news to avoid biases

The Real News – Member supported TV news

NewsCred – Personalized news with votes based on credibility

DailyMe – Customized news by email or on the site

DayLife – One stop site to view the latest news

Newseum – A daily snapshot of front pages from around the world.

NewsMap – A new way of seeing the news all at once

NewsBlaster – Turns reading the news into a game.


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  1. Thanks for the mention. You’ve picked a great list. We agree that there are a lot of options out there. However, sometimes it’s difficult to differentiate the signal from all the noise. That’s why we build NewsCred – to bring quality focused news to the mainstream.

    So, for the most credible, breaking news: – Media Credibility, Restored!

    Shafqat (CoFounder of NewsCred)

    Comment by Shafqat on July 9, 2008 @ 8:10 am

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