6 Easy Ways to Get a Human on the Phone

These tips can help you bypass the automated answering systems when calling customer service.

1. Interrupt

It’s not rude to interrupt the computer, so feel free to talk over the voice.

2. Talk

Sometimes saying what you want can get you just that. Try “get human” and if that doesn’t work, get angry. Some systems can detect the agitation in the voice and prioritize those callers whose blood is boiling.

3. Wait

Stay vewy vewy quiet and it may think you have a rotary phone.

4. Connect to account collections, sales or account cancellation

These numbers are often better staffed (and less busy) than the normal line.

5. Make a toll call

These lines are often not as busy either so you have less competition.

6. Choose Spanish

Many Spanish speakers are bilingual. If not, zip over to this Spanish phrase finder and click like mad.

You can also go to GetHuman.com and Bringo where they maintain phone numbers to get to a human directly.

(via get human tips and Yahoo Tech)


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  1. haha lmao, good tips, good tips…

    Comment by x on June 17, 2009 @ 11:35 pm

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