Vonage not doing so well

I’ve been using Vonage for quite some time now. The service has been adequate and I’ve seen no reason to switch until hearing about recent news involving patent infringements.

It’s especially concerning to read quotes like, “its legal woes could lead to bankruptcy . . . possible interruption of service”.

I don’t want to be stuck without a home phone, so it may be time to change VOIP providers to one that doesn’t infringe on any of Verizon’s patents. The best review site I’ve found for VOIP providers is CompareKing. They are big fans of Voip.com and Sun Rocket, and I’m considering a switch to Sun Rocket (3 free months and a free phone is hard to beat, along with unlimited minutes for $199 a year). If their service is good, great, if not, we’ll try others until we find a service we like that’s likely to be around for the foreseeable future.

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