frosty the inflatable snowman

Frosty is a worldwide traveller, but he always writes home to share his adventures.


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  1. That is really funny.

    Comment by Cameron on September 23, 2003 @ 10:02 am
  2. Same thing has happened here in the states with people’s garden gnomes. I just can’t figure why it’s always globetrotters who do this.

    Comment by Renee on September 23, 2003 @ 10:13 am
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  4. Well, if you were about to go on a road trip, not necessarily a globe-trek, you could do something similar. Now it’s just a matter of finding someone with a garden gnome. Dan, do you have a garden gnome?

    Comment by jason on September 24, 2003 @ 7:58 am
  5. I believe a garden would be requisite first.

    Comment by dan on September 24, 2003 @ 9:15 am
  6. OMG,how hilarious !!

    Comment by Tammie on September 27, 2003 @ 11:31 pm

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