from atomz to google for site search

I’ve been using Atomz search for over two and a half years and I had no complaints. Then I got an e-mail from them where they explained that were going to start displaying Google Ads with my search results. To keep me happy they said I could now index 750 pages instead of the 500 they had previously limited me to, and they were going to do some other things too, but that was enough reason for me to switch.

You probably didn’t notice the change, but if you search for something now, you’re greeted with Google search results (which are quite relevant and accurate as far as I can tell) with some Google Ads on top. The nice thing is that instead of Atomz making money from the ads, I do.

I understand their reasoning for adding advertising because one of the main reasons I used their service was that they didn’t have any ads and I could make the results look like my own. Now that it’s no longer the case, I’m quite pleased to be able to have Google (who already indexes my site anyway) provide search results. After all, they are the #1 search engine in the world. Getting a few cents on top of it is just icing on the cake.

If you’re interested in adding Google search to your site, take a look at some of their site search options.

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