real URLs back in place

All URLs in the comments are visible again, without the silly redirect which sucked out all the Google juice for commenters. I upgraded to MT 2.661 way back when because I liked the comment throttling feature to avoid comment spam, and even though I didn’t like using redirects for comment URLs, the good outweighed the bad in my mind.

I meant to change the URLs back to real ones ever since I upgraded, but it took a lot longer than I planned. Not that the process of actually doing it was lengthy (it took less than 3 minutes), but me deciding to sit down and actually do it took far too long. Thanks to Jonathan Lim I didn’t even have to read through the code, because he had three patch files all ready to go.

So, if you’re using Movable Type 2.661 or would have upgraded to 2.661 if it hadn’t been for the URL redirection, go to Jonathan’s site and apply the three patches he has kindly provided. It’s actually an upgrade because the patches don’t just turn off redirection, but make it a configurable option in mt.cfg so if you ever want to turn it back on, you can easily do so.

I’m eight months late, so everyone else may have already done this but as they saying goes, “better late than never.”

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