now available, with extra bling

Always wanted to have gold teeth? Had the urge to convert your pearly whites to platinum? Look no further. Mr. Bling guarantees “you’ll walk away a happy blinging customer.”


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  1. Oh Dan, I know I’ve thought of some pretty crazy schemes before, but we’ve got to do this. Just think of how cooool we’ll be. We can knock each other’s teeth out with a bat (you first), and mail off our impressions to this reputable Mr. Bling. After all, he does have the lowest prices around! That’s gotta be good, right? Oooh, then afterwards we can have photographs taken with a background of a brandy snifter. M-m-m-m shiny gold toothessesses.

    Comment by jason on February 7, 2003 @ 9:15 am

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