As I mentioned previously, my final and last ditch effort at getting a high-speed internet connection was planned for today. The experience was not a pleasant one and deserves a full account of which I have only written half. I have to finish a project for work by Friday, which may cause me to work late and keep me from getting to writing the second half until Saturday. To keep you from being in suspense, the end result is that we have an internet connection. The claims of “lightning speed” are in serious question and the latency is definitely an issue, but at least we have a connection of sorts.

I played another nine holes of golf in another work-sponsored golf outing. My team ended up with par for the course, getting a bogey early on and finishing the last hole off with a birdie. It was a lot of fun, especially driving the cart through a few sprinklers to cool off. My game was sporadic as usual, with a few nice shots and far too many gopher killers.

I’m quite glad I remembered to slop on some SPF 30 sun tan lotion, because I rarely think of using preventative measures to avoid getting burned. I am typically turned into a lobster for the next few days until the pulsating pain subsides and the charred remains of my skin fall off. This time I think I managed to elude the affects of the fiery orb in the sky.

Tis late, I’m tired and for some reason my neck muscles are sore. Off to bed for me.

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