internet access at last?

I set up an appointment to have DirecPC installed next Wednesday, but I’m not getting excited until I’m actually on the web. I’ve lived in my condo since January 2002 and have been trying to get high-speed internet access ever since I moved in. So far we still get 100% packet loss to everything on the web. It’s not for lack of effort though. We have tried the following:

Sprint broadband – Great price, fantastic speeds, no longer accepting new customers.

Syptec – Great price, decent speeds, fantastic customer service, no line of sight to the antenna.

Sisna – A little pricey, poor speeds, crappy customer service, no line of site.

Wasatch wireless – Great price, slow customer service, unfulfilled promises.

AT&T broadband – Wonderful price, good customer service, no coverage at my address.

DSL – Good price, crappy speeds, crappy service, our phone lines aren’t good enough for them.

You can see why I’m not getting my hopes up. Wednesday afternoon I’ll either be blogging from home or cursing DirecPC from work. It’s all up to them now.

I watched Attack of the Clones again and I liked it more this time. I picked up a lot of subtle references to other episodes and I think I’m starting to put the puzzle together. The fact that it was free probably helped me enjoy it more too, because you’re guaranteed to get your money’s worth.

I requisitioned a keyboard and mouse tray to improve the ergonomics at my desk. It seems kind of awkward now, but I’m sure I’ll get used to it. It is sturdy and comes with two gel pads which are nice on the wrists. I’ll let you know how I like it in a few weeks once I’ve gotten used to it. Here’s to hoping it will keep my wrists from getting sore.

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