my travels

I had quite a trip from Boston to Salt Lake City. The line was quite long for checking baggage, but it went pretty quickly considering the size (about 20-30 minutes). The security line wasn’t that long at all (10 minutes) and I was at my gate in plenty of time.

The agents at the gate began asking for volunteers to give up their seat, so I hopped to the desk and offered mine. They ended up using it, so I got a $750 flight coupon that I can use within the next year, as well as $10 for dinner, $6 for breakfast, and a room in the Comfort Inn.

I took the airport shuttle from the hotel at 5:30am to get back to Logan and I was shocked to see that the line to get through security was close the the length of a football field. I would have expected to see very few people at the airport, so I was rather surprised. The funniest part was observing people as they looked at the line incredulously and walked to the end of it. Luckily, I made it to my flight on time and arrived at my condo by 11:00am.

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