ben hur

We started watching Ben Hur at about 9pm. I had never seen it but had heard good things so I was excited. After 6 minutes of sitting in front of the TV the movie hadn’t started yet. The TV was on, the DVD was in the DVD player, but all that was on the screen were two hands touching each other and the text “OVERTURE” on the screen.

The movie finally started and then at 11:30pm up came another screen with the word “INTERMISSION” on it. I was in shock. Intermission? I had been watching the movie for two and a half hours, and this was the intermission? Inconceivable! I decided to go to bed so I wouldn’t be falling asleep at work. I plan to watch the rest of it tonight. It was a very entertaining movie and I look forward to the exciting conclusion. The most shocking part of the movie so far as the appearance of the “INTERMISSION” screen after two and a half hours. Inconceivable…

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