A Good Time To Give

I don’t do this every year, but in past years I’ve picked a few of my favorite free products or services and donated to them.

This Year’s Donations

Let’s Encrypt – Free SSL certificates. This is game changing when you manage a lot of web sites, including numerous subdomains.

HeidiSQL – An easy to use, portable Windows application that lets you manage remote databases.

Keepass2Android – I just recently found out about this app and I love it. Before, I used KeePassDroid.

FastStone Image Viewer – I’ve used the portable version for years. It’s fast and has a ton of features (including cropping and batch resizing, to name a few).

There are thousands of high quality and useful free services and software. But I’ve learned through sad experience that if you don’t donate, they may cease to exist in a few years. If you don’t want that to happen to your favorites, consider a donation.

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