How expensive is your commute?

When gas prices were sky high I was curious how much more my daily commute cost. I also wondered if it would make financial sense to get a more fuel-efficient car.

At the time I made a spreadsheet to do the calculations, but it was a pain to have to keep twiddling the numbers to run different scenarios. I’ve written a commute cost calculator in Javascript to see how rising gas prices affects your commute.

Commute cost calculator

To use it, enter the distance of your commute (one way), your car’s average gas mileage, and how much gas costs in your area. You’ll see a graphs of your actual costs, along with how your costs would vary if you got better gas mileage, and if gas cost another $1 or $2 a gallon.

In the end, my commute costs weren’t high enough to justify making any drastic changes. Give it a try and see what your commute is costing you.

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