Updated Comics Page (Faster Too)

Cameron alerted me that my comics page was no longer working correctly. Comics.com has changed their site (again) and not only is it ugly, it’s dog slow.

People are talking about the changes on twitter.

For example:

Comics.com done broke their own website. Idiots.

Looks like comics.com is suffering from Monday morning server overload. I don’t think it requires registration, but the UI looks poor.

comics.com redesign FTL. Slow. Maybe requires registration– not working right. Arlo&Janis was one of my favorites, too. Oh well.

I hate the new Comics.com! Can’t even register an account to get my comics. Grrr.

I updated the regular expressions so the comics would work again, but I also created a cache so the images will be loaded once a day. That way, even if their site is slow, the comics page will be zippy after the first page load.

The images will be deleted from the cache on the following day so I won’t be violating any copyright laws. However, it’s new code and may have issues. If you notice anything wrong with the comics page or want to see more comics, drop me an email or let me know in the comments.

Update: Apparently the changes made at comics.com are because of a policy change that allows you to create an account there. With your account you can get a custom email or RSS feed with all the comics you want (RSS feeds include comic images, not just links). You can read more about it here.

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