Try to Solve This Word Puzzle

Colene emailed me this word puzzle saying she was stumped. I was stumped myself.

I found a list of 4-letter anagrams but none had 5 words. Besides, none of the 4 word combinations made sense. I found longer combinations on Yahoo answers, but none were satisfactory.

Even plentiful use of the Anagram Server didn’t reveal an answer.

I was about to give up when I did one more search on Google which found the answer. I won’t spoil your fun.

This is the word puzzle as I received it, verbatim.

You have to use 4 letters that will make 5 words.

A ____ old woman on ____ bent, picked up her ____ and away she went. “____ my son” she was heard to say, “what shall we do to ____ today”

To see the answer, copy the text below and paste it into the text field at Rot13

Frnepurq sbe “byq jbzna ba * orag” naq sbhaq guvf:
N IVYR byq jbzna ba RIVY orag
Chg ba ure IRVY naq gb Fg VIRY fur jrag
YRIV,fur fnvq nf fur pybfrq gur qbbe
Vs V YVIR V’yy or onpx ol sbhe.

Zl nafjre: N ivyr byq jbzna ba rivy orag, cvpxrq hc ure irvy naq njnl fur jrag.
“Yriv zl fba” fur jnf urneq gb fnl, “jung funyy jr qb gb yvir gbqnl?”

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