3 Secrets to Resolving Problems With Customer Service

We’ve all dealt with customer service on the phone, but we haven’t always been able to get what we want. After waiting for 10-15 minutes, it can be hard to maintain a pleasant attitude, but it can go a long way to getting you what you want. Here are three ways to give you the highest chances of getting what you want from the customer service representative.

1. Call back

If you get an answer you don’t like, call back. Odds are you’ll get someone else in the call center and they may be more able or willing to help you out. If not, what have you lost? Make sure to note the menu options you used so you don’t have to wade through them again. This only works with call centers. If you call up a mom and pop shop expecting to get someone else you may be told…well, just don’t do it.

2. Be friendly

We’re all humans and we all have precious egos to protect. If you start out angry or act like you’re better than them, they’ll immediately jump to the defensive. They’ll try to prove they’re better than you in the form of a power trip or an outright refusal to resolve your problem. If, on the other hand, you are friendly and expect them to be able to solve your problem, they may do just that. If you call looking for a fight, you’ll probably get one. Expect a pleasant and quick resolution and you may just get it.

3. Explain your problem objectively

There’s no need to place blame. The person on the phone had nothing to do with your problem, but they have everything to do with being able to fix it. You don’t have to get them to agree that you were mistreated. It can feel good to hear someone admit you’re right, but it’s even better to hear, “We’ll give you a full refund.”

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