Links not clickable in Twitter Badge

I recently added my Twitter feed to the sidebar with Twitter’s Javascript badge. I was surprised to see the URLs weren’t hyperlinks. URLs are converted to hyperlinks on twitter, why can’t the badge use the same code? They obviously know how to do it, but for whatever reason, they haven’t.

Nine months ago a guy named Justin asked for the links to be made into hyperlinks on Twitter’s customer service page. A Twitter representative said they weren’t adding new features.

Fortunately, others made the simple changes required to get the badge to display hyperlinked URLs. I’m using Alan Hogan’s version, which is a slightly modified version of Michele’s changes.

Now the links are all hyped up so you, the reader, can click’em.


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  1. Actually the version on also includes Alan Hogan’s improvements. In the while we also added a function to make clickable any address starting by www (you don’t need to add the http://).

    Comment by Michele on September 10, 2008 @ 11:13 am
  2. Thanks for the clarification Michele.

    Comment by Dan on September 10, 2008 @ 11:16 am

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