Conversion Tools You May Find Useful

I’ve added a few new tools to my useful tools section that may be of use to some of you. Here’s a description of each of them.

Escape HTML – If you want to post HTML code on a web site, you have to escape the HTML tags so they’re not interpreted. This tool automates the process. Just paste the HTML code in the top and hit convert to get the escaped code in the bottom.

Remove Smart Quotes – If you post anything from Microsoft Word or other word processors you’ll find that the smart quotes don’t come through as you’d expect. This tool replaces smart quote characters (as well as smart dashes) into normal characters so they’re displayed as you’d expect when viewed in the browser.

Rot13 encryption – As the page says, it can hardly be called encryption because it’s so simple. However, it can be useful to post answers to questions without giving it away. It was partially for its utility, and partially because I thought it would be a fun exercise to code.

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