Free iPod Nano for Opening a Checking Account

The Bank of North Georgia has a sweet offer. You open up a checking account sign up for online billpay and pay 3 bills with the account by July 31, 2008. In return, you get a free iPod Nano. Their signature checking account has free billpay service, so it shouldn’t cost you anything.

The Apple Store sells 4GB nanos for $149. Assuming that’s what you get, I was tempted to do it.

There is a catch though. In order to open a checking account with them, you need to visit one of their branches and they only have branches in Georgia.

If you live in Georgia and are reasonably close to a branch office, this could be a great way to get an iPod Nano.

(via Netbanker via Bankdeals)


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  1. Kudos to you, but I’m amazed/curious once again how you came across this information about a bank deal in Georgia, from your home/perch in CA. Impressed, and also very curious …

    Comment by DaveH on May 27, 2008 @ 7:20 pm
  2. I’m subscribed to NetBanker on Google Reader and he posted about it a few days ago. He follows the online banking market and gets submissions from readers. I’m guessing someone heard about the offer and emailed him about it.

    Comment by Dan on May 27, 2008 @ 7:53 pm
  3. Remember Jan from our little ring of blogs years ago? I haven’t heard anything of her, but she was from Ga.

    Comment by Cameron on May 31, 2008 @ 2:47 pm
  4. Good memory. I didn’t remember she was from Georgia. Her last post is from May 2006 though, so I’m not sure she’s around anymore.

    Comment by Dan on May 31, 2008 @ 4:02 pm
  5. I live in ATl and am going this week for this offer. BNG advertised this in the paper, deadline is June 20th and they are offering it until they are gone. The ad says you’ll get your 4gb ipod by Oct 1st and they add that value to a 1099, but it’s still kinda free. And yes, i can easily set up bill pay and go with that. I did take advantage of Flagstars $100 Gas card – I have 3 months to go and I SHOULD be receiving that – I have to keep the acct open for 6 months in order to receive the gas card. I wonder if it’ll be TEN $10 gas cards? we’ll see. it’ll help$$

    Comment by atlmomof2 on June 2, 2008 @ 9:30 pm
  6. Thanks for the info. Let us know how it turns out!

    Comment by Dan on June 3, 2008 @ 10:11 am

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