Eight Ways to Pay Less for Gas

With the US national average at $3.83 a gallon, gas prices are going up fast. If you’re feeling the pinch, here are eight ways to reduce what you pay at the pump.

  1. GasBuddy – The king of gas price sites, GasBuddy is a network of more than 181 information sites to help you find low gasoline prices.
  2. FuelMeUp – Updated prices three times a day for 82,000 gas stations nationwide.
  3. GasNearU – Enter your zip code, get a sorted list of gas prices. Simple and easy.
  4. GasPriceWatch – Plots the gas prices on a map so you can find the nearest as well as the lowest (remember, it doesn’t make sense to drive 10 miles to save $0.50). Doesn’t have as much coverage as the big boys.
  5. MotorTrend gas prices – Includes a gas prices widget. Enter your zip and get a list of prices. Identifies the lowest price for regular, mid-grade and premium.
  6. MSN Autos – Every night MSN Autos receives pricing data from over 90,000 gas stations across the nation. Prices are displayed on a map and in an ordered list.
  7. MapQuest – Who knew MapQuest had gas prices? Enter city and state or zip code to see a list of prices. Click on the Distance tab to see the locations. Coverage seemed a bit weak in my tests.
  8. AAA – Varying levels of coverage. Some zip codes had one or two stations listed while others had dozens. Your mileage may vary (hah!)

If you can’t find lower prices, you can at least get better mileage. Scientific American has 10 fuel efficiency tips to beat the price crunch and WikiHow has 14 ways to save money on gas.

It also may help to look at gas prices in Bosnia – $10.86/gallon!

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