picasa runs on linux

Google has released Picasa for Linux. This is great news for me because Picasa is a great application but I haven’t used it much because it only ran on Windows. I’ve already downloaded it and it worked great. Three cheers for Google.


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  1. I don’t use a linux box as my desktop anymore, but I tried to use Picasa when it first became available from Google and it was apearantly not compatible with the built-in graphics card on my motherboard. So it didn’t work. Haven’t tried it since. But I’d like to give it a try again. Maybe I’ll give it another shot now.

    Comment by scott on June 1, 2006 @ 8:32 am
  2. Strange, I’d heard of Google earth having video compatibility problems, but not Picasa. I’d suggest giving it another try. It’s a pretty slick application.

    Comment by dan on June 2, 2006 @ 7:43 am

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