what you say online could haunt you

Few people plan to have their personal compositions accessible to millions of people, but it happens all the time on the internet. People later wish they could take back what they wrote, but that’s not an option. What you once wrote may no longer express your current views on the subject, but it’s very difficult to alter what you wrote online. Files are cached and archived in numerous locations, so even if you remove the original source, the content will remain. Using a pseudonym to keep your identity private offers little protection as well. All it takes is for someone to link to your site using your real name and Google will make the connection in its search results, thus revealing your identity. This problem is likely to become more prevalent as larger numbers of people publish their thoughts online. If we want to enjoy freedom of speech, we can’t restrict certain people from reading what we’ve written, even if we’ve disclosed things that we don’t want them to know. You can write what you want and let the consequences follow or you can temper your writing, but you can’t have it both ways. The decision is yours.

(In reference to an article by USA Today)

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