googlism for your name

I’ve checked several times over the months (years even) to see if there were any results for my full name, but it always said, “Sorry, Google doesn’t know enough about dan hersam yet.”

That seems odd, because when I search for dan hersam there are over 20,000 results.

Anyway, I eventually gave up, until the other day when I found Angie’s site, where she performed a search for only her first name.

I decided to do the same.

I did a Googlism search for Dan , and before commenting on the results, I would like to point something out. There were 852 results, but when I sorted the list and removed duplicates, it left only 285 (which, coincidentally, has the same three digits as the original number of results, just in a different order. Spooky.) I don’t see why they don’t remove duplicates, but there you go.

Out of the 285, I removed a few rude items, some that appeared to be truncated and non-English entries, leaving me with 129. I think a few of them may actually refer to me, like the one talking about the remember info problem. I couldn’t find the site that mentioned me, but I believe someone was talking about the blog entry where I discussed getting the Remember Info feature of Movable Type working in Opera.

Anyway, here is the filtered list of Googlisms for Dan.

dan is 4 inches taller than mike
dan is a 1st level black belt
dan is abbreviated as d
dan is able to read minds
dan is a drummer
dan is a family man
dan is a fool
dan is a fraud
dan is a given name
dan is a hippy hippy hippy
dan is a hypocrit
dan is a liberal apologiser
dan is a loyal member of the catholic conspiracy
dan is a lucky man
dan is a major player in the cowboy scene
dan is a member of the independent group the british taekwondo union 8th
dan is one of the first tae kwon do schools to open in toronto 8th
dan is a master
dan is a military veteran and received his business administration degree from mississippi state university in 1990
dan is a moron
dan is and who his friends are
dan is an idiot
dan is an really cool artist
dan is a part of our community
dan is a pseudonym for the songwriting team of walter becker
dan is around
dan is a secreted glycoprotein related to xenopus cerberus
dan is a sexy sexy man
dan is a sicko
dan is attending the university of wisconsin
dan is available for
dan is awake and smiling at the camera
dan is a weiner
dan is awesome
dan is back among the living
dan is back with the banjo newsletter
dan is being taken advantage of
dan is better in a3 that verses games
dan is bidding out future issues of its alert diver magazine for publication on a
dan is coming to cleveland
dan is coming to visit
dan is cool
dan is correct
dan is crazy
dan is cruel
dan is doing well
dan is done
dan is earning his name again
dan is easily amused
dan is eeeevil
dan is fixing the problem
dan is for duke
dan is gay in the dictionary
dan is getting old and that’s a good thing
dan is giving his crew directions
dan is gone as everyone knows
dan is good everyone else is bad i say
dan is great
dan is growing every day
dan is having fun
dan is helping duke university conduct a us navy
dan is here
dan is hoping to take some computer science courses next year and take a course at digipen university next
dan is hot
dan is in charge
dan is in good company
dan is interested in the calibration of the hcal for jets
dan is jealous
dan is just too cool
dan is known as “the beast”
dan is learning what it takes to build a winning team
dan is lifted up on townsmen’s shoulders and is made mayor of bradyville
dan is looking for qualified applicants to serve as its vice president of marketing/new business development to
dan is mad
dan is many things
dan is massive
dan is misleading
dan is moving
dan is my name
dan is my new hero
dan is naked
dan is nice
dan is not gay
dan is now 21
dan is now banjodan
dan is now the highest ranked in bujinkan
dan is oarsome
dan is officially recognized taekwondo dan
dan is okay
dan is one of the least hairy people i know
dan is our clinical manager iv working in child and adolescent psychiatric social work
dan is personal happiness
dan is pressed for time
dan is quickly becoming the man project updates on our favorite halloween artist
dan is rather biased
dan is representing link to page with info on dan’s ability
dan is retarded
dan is right
dan is setting up in japan
dan is shy
dan is sick and allie is depressed
dan is slain
dan is specialist
dan is speedminton
dan is spinning because that opinion did not come in reply to
dan is staying on with us’
dan is still rocking
dan is swallowed by the table
dan is taken away and sedated
dan is taking the “untidy hair” thing a little too seriously
dan is the band leader
dan is the disc jockeys’ disc jockey
dan is the kind of engineer we look for—but i couldn’t hire
dan is the lifeline to banjo virtuosi everywhere he chooses the bald brothers breakfast programme through which to speak to those who need to hear what
dan is the man
dan is the many thanks to dan the man for figuring out a fix to our little “remember info” problem
dan is the man monday
dan is the mannn yo
dan is the man oct 31 2003
dan is the man thursday
dan is the problem
dan is the superintendent of public works
dan is told to rest it
dan is touring
dan is traveling to do book signings for his new book on the civil war in the carolinas
dan is visiting olio as i type this
dan is wearing shoes and socks
dan is working on
dan is worse


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  1. Well, I guess now I don’t have to worry about going to hell. When I searched for “jason” it returned this:
    jason is god

    Woo-Hoo! All kneel before me.

    Comment by jason on February 28, 2005 @ 10:46 am
  2. mckay is gone

    Well gee…I don’t know how that makes me feel.

    Comment by mckay on February 28, 2005 @ 1:37 pm
  3. Good to know that Dan is sexy yet not gay. It’s always a disappointment when the sexy ones are.

    Comment by Renee on March 5, 2005 @ 9:17 pm

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