You may not have noticed, but Google no longer links to for their definition link on the top right of the results page. They now use and after using them myself for a few days, I understand why.

Before, when I wanted a definition I used or, but combines information from multiple sources and displays it in an easy-to-read and concise format. It’s a great resource for quick definitions or other research.


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  1. I really need a word for this definition I have!!

    Comment by Bob on March 13, 2008 @ 2:14 pm
  2. Is there a work for when you have been thinking about something out of the ordinary and someone else brings up the same thing?

    Comment by Cathy on October 14, 2011 @ 4:25 pm
  3. Synchronicity.

    Comment by Dan on October 14, 2011 @ 4:54 pm

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