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Writing a book is one of the most popular goals people have at 43 Things and if you’re a blogger and want to write a book, you may be a lot closer to doing it than you think. will publish your blog in book form. A 125-page book would cost about $15, so it’s not overly expensive. I enjoy looking back through my archives to read old entries, so being able to read them in book form seems like a really cool idea. (via outer court and Read/Write web)

I looked at the source of outer court’s post,, and found comments from one person saying they’ve already used the service and it wasn’t bad. Another said that makes better quality books than CafePress (which, by the way, has some cool customized things you can sell besides books), which is what BlogBinders uses. Apparently the real service they’re providing is to get the content of your blog properly formatted for the book. If you were to go with CafePress or Lulu directly, you would pay less because you would have to format the content yourself.

I was surprised at how reasonable Lulu’s prices were. For a 200-page black and white book, it would cost you (the author) $8.54. For a 100-page color book, it would cost $19.53. That’s not too bad, and think of being able to show friends and family your book when they come over to visit.

There are a few questions I have about how to format a blog.

1. What happens with images?
My guess is they just make them black and white, but it’s possible that they would be excluded altogether. If that’s the case, it could make some blog entries hard to understand.

2. What about the links?
I’m not sure how they’re displayed, but I would suggest showing the link next to the text, as described in A List Apart’s Going to Print article (see the ‘Printed links’ section). That way you could refer to the links from the book.


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  1. Phillip Lessen just got his blog book in the mail. He said that tables, illustrations and any advanced formatting was lost when BlogBinders converted his blog.

    Comment by dan on February 12, 2005 @ 4:33 pm

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