ironic, isn’t it?

Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader Calendar from Page-A-Day sits on my desk and I just read a funny one where the scammers truly got what they deserved.

A Vietnamese man devised a cheap plan to make a lot of easy money – he started with an ordinary lump of iron, then used cow fat and paint to disguise it as an expensive lump of “black bronze.” He sold it for $64,000 cash. Irony: The buyer paid him with counterfeit bills. Both scammers were arrested in a sting operation and are now behind iron bars . . . real iron bars.


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  1. That’s pretty funny, though I have to question its reality. Who pays cash for a $64000 item? Then again, if you have all that fake stuff to get rid of, why not?

    Comment by Cameron on February 4, 2005 @ 7:51 pm

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