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In this guide to installing Firefox the author outlines all the extensions he uses. The vast array of extensions is good and bad. It’s good because it allows people to extend the browser to do all sorts of things the original developers never dreamed of, but it also means that if you have multiple machines you can spend quite a bit of time updating all your extensions. It would be nice if they were to ship with a bunch of extensions that you could enable or disable instead of having to download them all.

Anyway, kvetching aside, I’ve looked at a bunch of extensions and made a list of those I’ve found to be most useful.

SpellBound (and SpellBound Linux Components) – Get focus in a text area (like the text area you’re using to write a blog entry), right-click (or left-click if you’re left-handed like me) and select the ‘Check Spelling’ option.

Bandwidth Tester – I like to know how fast my connection is. I previously used this test, but the extension makes it even easier. Just go to Tools > Bandwidth Tester and click the Run Test button.

ForecastFox – This adds three icons on the bottom right of the browser window that display the weather right now, a few hours later, and tomorrow. Mousing over gives more details.

Tabbrowser Preferences – Gives you more control over how the tabs behave.

Session Saver – This is one that I really like and in my opinion should not be an extension, but part of Firefox itself. It stores the URLs of all tabs and opens them up again when you restart the browser. If you have multiple windows open, it only opens a single window and puts all the sites you had open in the tabs of that one window.

Google Pagerank Status (Get it here) – Shows the green Page Rank bar on the bottom right of the browser for the page you’re visiting.

Dictionary Search – I don’t use this much, but you can highlight a word, then right-click on it and do a dictionary search for the word. It can be handy at times.

You can find more extensions at the Mozilla update site, and MozDev’s extension room.


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  1. I noticed that installing Forecastfox (Previously known as Weathefox I believe) and few others *really* slowed down Firefox (More referring to the load time). I think a few times Firefox would take more than 8 seconds. So after uninstalling a few, I believe that has helped a lot. But anyways here are my favorites:

    Adblock ( I generally use it to blog really really annoying flash ads on sites that I may visit regularly, but more so with blocking out crappy nasty scripts, I used to block ads without any mercy, even google ads, and I realized that it was very un-ethical of me to do so)

    Web Developer (So many tools! Wow)

    Foxy Tunes (Pretty good as I love controlling media player without going to actual player)

    Colorzilla (This is nice, grabbing color value by pointing to any area, even over images)

    Sage (On linux, I use Liferea for RSS reader and on Windows, it would be Feeddemon, but here is a handy extension. And Newsfox is another but it just started, though it looks promising)

    I have like 10 more, but these are just a few that I feel like I can write about quickly

    Comment by Teja on January 18, 2005 @ 12:57 pm

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