blackburn burnin’

I had heard that the Dvorak keyboard being better than Qwerty was an urban myth, but Barbara Blackburn types dang fast, but only on Dvorak keyboards. I wonder how you explain that. Maybe she is Dvorak’s secret marketing weapon?

Whatever the reason and however she does it, her top speed is 212wpm and it’s in the Guinness Book of World Records.

To get an idea of just how fast that is, see how fast you can type (Note: Java plug-in required).

I just took the test and got a net speed of 85wpm with 95% accuracy and thought it was pretty fast, but Barbara would have been able to burn by at two and half times my speed.


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  1. 66 :)

    I do heaps better after I ate a meal or so.

    I’ve noticed that :)

    Comment by Tej on September 17, 2004 @ 7:09 pm
  2. Oh, and I got 90% accuracy.

    which isn’t too good IMO :-/

    Comment by Teja on September 17, 2004 @ 7:12 pm
  3. I’m pretty bad. I can type fairly fast, but I mess up and try to go back and fix the mistake and then I get out of sync.

    Comment by Cameron on September 18, 2004 @ 9:39 am
  4. 109WPM with 94% accuracy, for adjusted WPM of 103. I still found myself fixing errors! A couple of times I screwed up so bad I didn’t bother correcting it, but if I only had one wrong letter I fixed it instinctively, without meaning to. Weird!

    Comment by Meredith on September 20, 2004 @ 1:39 pm
  5. Typing Speed
    I still receive comments from co-workers who walk by while I’m typing something; they’re always astonished by my typing speed.

    Trackback by on September 20, 2004 @ 1:45 pm

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