a few interesting links

I’ve been accumulating links that I didn’t want to put in their own blog entry but were interesting enough to keep around. I should probably create a link blog, but until I do, here they are.

Color in Motion (flash) – A guide to the colors, what they represent with movies for each color.

Programming doesn’t begin to define Computer Science – An exploration of the distinction between computer programming and computer science.

Trimming form fields – A tutorial for hiding optional fields on the fly to make forms easier to use.

How the Overwork Culture is Ruling Our Lives – Discussion of a recently published book about the perils of long hours at the office.

Golf game (flash) – A simple but relatively fun golf game.

New on the endangered species list: the bookworm – An article about how fewer people read books anymore.

How to make your Google Ads more relevant – Useful tip for those running Google ads relating to the ‘google_hints’ variable.

How to write Firefox extensions – It doesn’t seem all that hard.

How to write a CSS template – I can always use more CSS tutorials.


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