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At name statistics you can see how popular your first and last names are.

Dan is #179 (and Daniel is #12) on the most popular male names list, but Hersam is “a very rare last name.” In other words, it’s not in their database.

Having a rare last name can be nice because I don’t have to compete with people for domains or usernames and I am the #1 result on Google. Then again, if I didn’t want to be found that could be a bad thing.


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  1. Pretty cool. Janet is #45, but Jan is #340 for women and #489 for men. My last name is difficult in that there are so many ways to spell it. (And the way I spell it is “very rare.”) Of all the different ways to spell it, the most common was #6900 (which is the way my uncle spells it).

    Comment by Jan on May 11, 2004 @ 5:29 am
  2. Meredith is #434 for women (and “very rare” for men), and it’s #1366 on the list for last names. My last name is #35012, with only 1,250 Americans sharing my last name.

    Comment by Meredith on May 11, 2004 @ 7:40 am
  3. Cameron is almost as common as a last name (#561) as it is a guy’s first name (#336).

    There are about 7500 people with my last name though.

    Comment by Cameron on May 11, 2004 @ 3:54 pm
  4. My name is the #416 most common male first name and the #255 most common last name. I’m sure the combination is pretty darn rare, though I’ve run into at least one other person on the net with the same first and last names, and there’s a famous historical figure with the same first and last names as well. I have to wonder if my name is unique or not when you add my middle name into the picture, though.

    Comment by Levi on May 12, 2004 @ 12:07 am
  5. “Aradia” is my child’s name. I would like to find out if anyone has this name. The name is not even in the name statistics web-site. There is no way to verify where this name ranks at all. It is not a made up name at all. The name is a greco-roman name for “herodias”.

    Comment by Krystal on November 10, 2005 @ 4:57 am

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